Life can be haphazard and unpredictable. Anything can happen at any time. Due to this unpredictable nature of life, it is extremely important to have back-up security for a stable future. PhilInvest – Whole Life Insurance Company in Philippines offers a combination of investment growth and protection at an affordable cost. As the name suggests, the insurance is aimed at providing a synergy between protection and fund growth. The insurance premium gets payable in 2 scenarios.

  • Death at any age before the age of 85.
  • Getting to Age 85

The payment matures whenever either of the condition is met. If a person passes before 85, they do not have to pay anymore premiums and their insurance matures. The total amount insured with the insurance gets payable along with the bonus applicable. This makes sure that your heirs have financial security after you pass away.

In the case that you live to the age of 85, your premium matures and you are able to have your insured sum plus a healthy bonus. This type of insurance provides much higher rates of bonus compared to any other type of insurance. The growth rates are incredible and provide adequate financial security to make sure your future is well taken care of. The growth of the bonus adds a substantial financial element to the insurance aside from providing life insurance. This makes the policy a worthy investment.

Aside from the standard offering with this package, supplementary covers can be combined to have other formats of protection apart from simple life insurance, these can combine to make for an affordable package that provides across the board protection. PhilInvest also known as the famous Whole Life Insurance Company in Philippines makes sure to get you the best packages with various payment options so that you are covered.

This plan is ideally suited for young people that are at the beginning stage of their career. Paying a high premium can be difficult at the beginning of your career and whole life insurance is the ideal option to have low-cost protection. This plan is also suitable for individuals that are looking forward to having a lump sum payment at their retirements. This can prove to be ideal for those purposes. PhilInvest – Best Whole Life Insurance Company in Philippines makes sure that you have to pay the lowest possible premium so that your financial health is not strained at the early phases of your career.

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