Traveling abroad can be a fun event if everything goes as per plan but in the event of any medial emergency or travel related uncertainties, it may be a big issue on mental, physical and overall well being of an individual. In the presence of unknown people and strange languages, the intensity of any unforeseen event can be severely amplified. There are major risks associated with travel which can include financial and physical damages. Healthcare costs and other affiliated costs can also vary largely in other countries which can cause a major dent in your finances if you are not prepared.

PhilInvest Investment and Insurance Services and also the famous Travel Insurance Company in Philippines provide top-notch Travel insurance options in partnership with our principal insurance companies to make sure that you are covered while traveling abroad. With services ranging from medical coverage to any possible loss of money in the event of theft or robbery, the policy provided extensive coverage to make sure the customers are secured from any major distress.

Applicable conditions also include the potential loss of any baggage while traveling with an airline. Our support staff is available 24/7 to ensure that any potential circumstance that might come up is resolved promptly. The compare is aware of the distress that the customer might be in if they are stranded in a country without local contacts. The company goes out of its way to ensure that familiar local channels are activated to provide support to the customer.

PhilInvest – Travel Insurance Company in Philippines has a history of providing rapid response services to customers in these events from rapid payment release to on-ground support as provided by specific insurance companies. The specific insurance companies mobilizes its local channels to ensure that our customers are well taken care of abroad.

A wide variety of packages are available depending on the nature of the travel and its frequency. Coverage can range from simple payouts in basic packages to extensive personalized care and attention for premium packages.

No-one can anticipate an unfortunate event occurring to them in a foreign country, it is extremely important to be preemptive and have the travel covered.

A major number of travel companies and foreign visa require mandatory travel insurance before traveling abroad. PhilInvest is the right partner to ensure that all your travel and health needs are secure while traveling abroad. The company has partnerships with global brands ranging from airlines to medical institutes to ensure that its customers are well taken care of even away from the Philippines.

Customized plans are available for students visiting for an extended period of time to ensure that 24/7 Emergency assistance and financial coverage are provided. These services ensure that no matter where you, you always have the backing of PhilInvest – Travel Insurance Company in Philippines in resolving your issues. The company also has an elaborate history of timely payment release as executed by the specific insurance companies to make sure customer issues are always promptly resolved.

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