Accidents are an unpredictable element of life. No one expects an accident to happen to them. However, there is always a risk of something going wrong. PhilInvest offers affordable comprehensive Personal Accident Insurance Company in Philippines to ensure that you are backed in the case of any unfortunate event.

These include coverage of any possible hospitalization, medical requirements, and emergencies. Payouts are allocated for any possible accident that can lead to disability or loss of limb. These can be permanently damaging events where the consequences can carry on through life. PhilInvest makes sure that you are able to carry out your day to day operations and have financial safety.

PhilInvest partners with various insurance companies to offer medical insurance to suite a varying need of various individuals. The medical options associated with PhilInvest – Personal Accident Insurance Company in Philippines are all top-notch institutes within Manila & Cebu and prioritized care treatment is offered to customers that are partnered with Accidental Insurance. These rates and level of service can vary based upon the exact specifics of the package offered by various insurance companies. PhilInvest provides assistance and support in ensuring you get your medical insurance quickly and easily.

The packages offered include a range of options from purely payout-based policies to comprehensive medical packing policies that include access to a medical professional that provides personalized attention to your issues. These options can be further customized based on your circumstances and the risk involved in your profession.

Multiple policy options present offer different ranges of coverage and payouts for subsequent payouts. PhilInvest – Personal Accident Insurance Company in Philippines makes sure that you get the best possible packages based on your personal conditions to make sure you have the best policies from top companies in Manila & Cebu.

The coverage and medical options extend to the top medical institutes in the Philippines and ensure that a variety of medical options are available to the customers in the case of any tragedy. A wide majority of circumstances are covered under the categories of Personal Accidents with the exceptions of events like self-harm and other notable exceptions.

The policy also applies while traveling globally to ensure that you are secured no matter where you are. Our international partners are working with our support staff to ensure that support is available in the case of any event abroad.

A lot of events involving accidents can require emergency transport, these are covered in the plans as well to make sure customers are able to have personalized urgent medical care available without worrying about the cost. In the case where there are search and rescue, customized packages can be procured to cover those unfortunate events as well.

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