The PhilInvest Investment& Insurance Services Approach

PhilInvest Investment& Insurance Services is a team of licensed and approved insurance agents from various insurance companies with service locations across the Philippines including Manila and Cebu.

We have been a major player in the insurance business for over a decade. During this time, we have garnered a reputation for providing high quality. We ensure that every client receives top-notch customer support. PhilInvest Investment & Insurance Services is dedicated to simplifying the insurance process as much as possible and known as the Best Insurance Company in Philippines. Our representatives are available round the clock to answer any possible queries you may have.

Our Approach

PhilInvest Investment & Insurance Services adopts a multi-fold yet personalized approach in order to curate, administer and implement the insurance plan that helps you achieve your goals.

Aspect Analysis

Our multi-phase approach allows us to develop, implement and administrate the optimum benefits plan that best achieves your goals.


The introspection phase involves the analysis and evaluation of existing insurance situations and projections of resources and overall budget. There is also a special emphasis on any unique aspects that might be beneficial to a tailor-made plan.

Package Presentation
After the introspection phases are concluded by an analysis of the present factors, the best possible insurance and investment package is presented to you taking into consideration all possible risk factors as well as any other issues that might impact your protection status. The result is a cost-effective package that includes any considerations that you might require across the course of your coverage.

Constant Support
We ensure that consistent support is provided after the plan is shaped. From 24/7 coverage for queries to request processing, we assist clients across every phase. A special emphasis is made into ensuring that the process is made as hassle-free for the clients as possible by doing backend coordination with the respective insurance company you have selected. Personalized support is provided that takes into consideration personalized scenarios. This makes sure that direct personal attention is given to every single client.

Legal Affairs

Dealing with the legal side of things can be an extremely complicated procedure. In most cases pertaining to insurance and applicable claims, there is a major element of legal presence that can be extremely daunting to deal with. PhilInvest Investment & Insurance Services believes in solving customer concerns and worries by extensively evaluating all legal concerns and covering possible legal scenarios to work towards the best insurance settlements so we stand as the Leading Insurance Company in Philippines. Legal support is dispensed by the respective insurance companies of your choice to make sure the claims are dealt with, as rapidly as possible. We provide required back end coordination for this if required to get you connect you with the legal team of the respective insurance companies. This also ensures that all applicable insurance packages are in compliance with state and national laws.

Customer Care
Customer care is of the utmost priority as customers are our most prized assets. We are up to date on all dynamics and changes in factors and laws and ensures that customers are subsequently updated with any changes and updates. Assistance is also provided in required cases to ensure that customer queries are addressed in the right way.

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