Most people in Manila and Cebu travel using motor vehicles and this number is going up. While most people try to drive as safe as possible, you can never predict the behavior of other vehicles and other uncertainties. With the costs of motor vehicles rising massively, even a minor accident can cause major damage to your motor vehicle for which you have worked really hard to purchase.

PhilInvest – The Leading Motor Insurance Company in Philippines offers customized motor insurance plans in partnership various insurance companies to ensure that your motor vehicle is secured 24/7. Whether it is a minor accident or even a major car wreck which can lead to major damage, Motor Insurance ensures that your vehicle is backed for any kind of damage or loss. Our rapid customer support coordinates with respective insurance companies to ensure that your motor is repaired at a minimal cost to you with the best results. The claims are dispensed timely through those individual insurance companies with whom PhilInvest partners.

A lot of scenarios also have the vehicle being stolen, this can be in unsafe areas or just in unfortunate events where lawless elements take over and steal the car. In these cases, without insurance, customers can suffer from major financial losses and have to struggle to deal with the financial flow of at-least several thousand pesos. The pricier vehicles can go up-to hundreds of thousands of pesos. You do not want your motor to be stolen or damaged without having financial security. PhilInvest – The Famous Motor Insurance Company in Philippines offers the perfect backing to ensure that your valuable vehicle is always secure.

The company also has a liaison with top insurance companies to ensure that you can procure the insurance right after purchase so you don’t have to deal with any risk of damage in any scenario. This also protects your car in the case of any motor vehicle accident or damage.

It is also mandatory under Vehicular law applicable in the Philippines to have your vehicle insurance in order to drive it in major vicinity. PhilInvest – Best Motor Insurance Company in Philippines makes sure you are compliant with the law while having the most affordable insurance options to back up the safety of your vehicle. The company offers coverage for a range of motor options from cars to motorbikes and other vehicles. Just simply contact our experts that are available 24/7 to assist you and get the quote for your motor vehicle.

Secure your Ride- Get Motor Insurance with personalized services from PhilInvest Now.

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