There is a wide array of business situations where the business can suffer massive damage in the case of applicable liabilities. These can include customer claims and other general applicable liabilities that can cause major damage to your business.

Here are major services provided by PhilInvest Investment & Insurance Services in the domain of liability insurance in the Philippines and we are the leading Liability Insurance Company in Philippines.

Public Liability Insurance

Any business activity during the course of your business operations may result in causing damage to property or injury due to negligent actions. This may result in a major negative situation as the person will then have the legal liability because of the damage that they have suffered. This is an extensive liability which will incur potential legal actions as well as pay for the damage. These can bring alongside major legal fee and costs that can be detrimental to the company. PhilInvest Liability Insurance services ensures that you are covered in the event of any such claim through our partner principal companies. The policy will cover all the sums that your business is liable to legally pay in the form of compensation for any damage incurred to the third party.

Product Liability Insurance

In the case of any product or services provided to the customers of your business, those products might become liable to the customer. If there is any fault in the goods or services or their usage causes major damage to the customer, the user might suffer from injury or property damage. This is a detrimental scenario as the user can pursue legal action and claim major amounts in damages. PhilInvest Product Liability Insurance services makes sure that you are covered from any sum that you might have to pay the customer in lieu of the damage caused which are offered by our partner insurance companies. This also includes any possible legal expenses that might arise during the course of the proceedings.

Employer’s Liability Insurance

Any negligence at your workplace could potentially lead to injury/ damage for your employees. That will result in you becoming liable for the injuries as the customer will pursue legal channels for damage and compensation. PhilInvest Employer Liability Insurance services makes sure you get an appropriate insurance plan that will cover all of your financial losses with an applicable legal fee that might be spent in legal proceedings.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professionals in fields where their services rendered might cause potential damage to their clients that can result in injury and damage. This might include legal scenarios e.g. lawyers providing wrongful advice that can result in a financial loss to customers. PhilInvest Professional Indemnity Insurance services who are the best Liability Insurance Company in Philippines makes sure that you are secure from any possible liabilities that might occur in the case of any customer damage or loss with our personalized plan recommendation and broad service coverage. The specific insurance company you are insured with will cover all damages as well as applicable legal costs.

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