Insurance and investment services for Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW)

OFWs are an important pillar of the growing economy of the Philippines. OFWs remit a substantial amount of money each month back to Philippines and provide a positive contribution to the country’s growth and well being and we are the Leading Insurance and Investment Company in Philippines.

Each OFW wants to ensure well being for the family back home by providing medical, health and financial assurance when needed. At PhilInvest – Best Insurance and Investment Company in Philippines, we provide a range of insurance and investment services ranging from health insurance, term insurance, mutual fund investment, property investment etc so that you can plan your and your family’s future better.

With investment solutions covering children education, retirement, property purchase, wedding etc. we work very closely with our OFW friends and provide them with the best insurance and investment services.

Whether you want to start your insurance and investment with a small monthly contribution of 1,000 peso or want to have one time investment of 1 million peso or more, we have an insurance and investment plan tailored to your needs and requirements. Our close tie ups with various insurance companies, real estate companies, investment companies and banks provide us a unique opportunity to offer you bouquet of customized options to choose from. We are a one stop shop for all the OFWs across the world.

We have been working with OFWs working in the USA, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Europe, Singapore etc for over a decade and are their financial partners to ensure their family members back home are taken care off and they secure their future with a range of high growth low risk insurance and investment services and we stand as the Famous Insurance and Investment Company in Philippines.

Bring smile to your family members back home in the Philippines with us….Use our dedicated insurance and investment services for Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) today…..

OFWs select us for their  insurance, investment and real estate services requirements in the Philippines, Manila and Cebu. Call +63 9778151204 now or email us at to get started with our customized solutions for OFWs now. Safe investment, higher growth, low risk, more returns and safety & security for you and loved ones with our special insurance and investment services for OFWs.