PhilInvest Insurance offers customized group insurance coverage options in groups as well. Whether it is a family that requires coverage or employees of a company, PhilInvest has customized insurance options in consultation with all major leading insurance companies in the Philippines including Manila and Cebu known as the Leading Group Insurance Company in Philippines that ensure the benefits are provided to each member of the group around the clock.

In the unfortunate event of death during the course of the insurance period, the company ensures that a payout of a lump sum amount is handed out to the nominated beneficiaries of that member promptly. PhilInvest – Best Group Insurance Company in Philippines through its partner insurance companies, offers unconditional coverage in the case of death, ensuring that the coverage is valid for an extended period given that the individual stays a part of the group. The insurance policy does not impact any other retirements benefits that the person might be entitled to.

Group Insurance also removes the hassle of individually searching for options for family members and having different providers with different frames of payouts, Under Group Insurance, all the members are similarly covered with uniform packages that ensure complete coverage under similar conditions. The payment for the premium is also handled on a combined basis removing the trouble of having to pay separate individual payments to different avenues.

Group Insurance is also extremely beneficial for families as it allows coverage of all the members of the family within an affordable cost and provides complete financial security. The package is customized with rates subsequently adjusted depending upon the specific circumstances within the family. This provides an added layer of financial security in the care of any unfortunate event.

The service is also ideal for Private Sector Company as they hold responsibility for the well being of their employees. PhilInvest Group Insurance options allow companies to choose from the best possible available options and making sure the process is as simple as possible.

PhilInvest – The Famous Group Insurance Company in Philippines has an extensive history of coordinating with respective insurance companies for providing prompt payouts and ensuring that its customers have access to concurrent customer support. The company also makes sure the clients get access to the best possible clauses in their insurance contract.

Why Get Group Insurance?
– Extensive coverage and financial security for all the members of the group.

-Affordable rates depending on the members of the group.

-Customized plans offering complete coverage with open-ended conditions.

-Responsible employee management with extensive health coverage.

If you are a family looking to secure its future or a company that wants to ensure service provision to its employees, PhilInvest offers Group Insurance services in partnership with various insurance companies in the Philippines which is the ideal option to get started immediately for a secured future.

Resident Filipinos, expats, local companies, multinational companies and OFWs select us for their group insurance in the Philippines, Manila and Cebu. Call +63 9778151204 now or email us at to get started with your term insurance application now.