The endowment is the safest way to ensure guaranteed cash provision. The policy can be catered to a certain time frame or at the time of death. This form of protection ensures that you have a safe financial output at your desired time. Philinvest has years of experience procuring Endowment policies for its clients and can assure that your investment bears the right return at your desired time and also provides services to Rise Residential Project in Cebu.

Whether it’s your dream retirement or a financial need, Endowment Policies ensure that you have the money when you need it the most. By investing with PhilInvest, your initial sum grows in the form of a bonus which is payable along with the original insured sum at maturity. Customers can choose the maturity period which suits them the most to ensure that they have the endowment ready at their required time.

With Endowment Policies brokered by us, the insured sum is payable with a bonus at the end of a specific number of years. This time frame can be customized according to the needs of the customer in consultation with individual insurance companies.

A number of customers choose death as the time of maturity so that their beneficiaries are well taken care of in the case of the most unfortunate event. The premium is payable for a specific period time or death depending upon the maturity level of the endowment.

PhilInvest through its services offers customized additional benefits to protect you by offering supplementary additional covers that can be further attached to make sure that you are protected against any unfortunate event and it takes initiative to provide High Rise Residential Project in Cebu.

The plan can be catered to meet the requirements of the customer in a number of ways to support financial needs at the required team. These can include the following options.

  • Secure your retirement by having an endowment ready to finance your dream lifestyle after retirement.
  • Pay for your children’s education at the required time by having an endowment ready to take care of their tuition burdens.
  • Supplement your business idea by having the capital ready to back it up

Along with these, a plethora of benefits can be achieved by procuring endowment policies. These affordable policies can come together to provide significant capital benefits at the required time which also includes the services related to High Rise Residential Project in Cebu.

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