Philinvest offers customized borrowers credit options in the case that customers require protection against a line of credit or funds. These funds can be protected on requirement given that the customers match the required criteria for qualifying under the program. The funds are ensured to make sure that the employer has protection against any possible loss of sums handed out to customers and we also support with Pre selling Condominiums in Cebu.

Here are services provided by Philinvest Investment and Insurance Services

Secure Loans

PhilInvest provides protection to your company in the case that you are unable to recoup a debt or payment from a person that got injured or passed away. Event though injury or death are unforeseen, having protection against any financial ramifications from a debtor’s death can have a major financial impact. Having protection from PhilInvest who also provides services of Pre selling Condominiums in Cebu can make sure that your sum is secured and it will be paid to in case the debtor has any severe injury or passes away.

Credit Collection

In the case that creditors are not repaying the loan, the company can provide fast track Loan provision services to ensure protection against any parties that do not pay their dues. This can help secure the company against major financial loss and damage.

The company has a history of working with leading corporate entities in Manila and Cebu and has developed a repute for handling financial issues the right way including Pre selling Condominiums in Cebu. With over 10 years of customer satisfaction, it can assure that you are protected in the case of any unforeseen event.

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