Working with a unified aim of providing a secured and stable financial future for the people in the Philippines, PhilInvest is the best insurance service provider for a personalized and value added insurance and investment requirements. A passion for excellence and customer service makes us the preferred independent service provider for customers of all kinds with varying degree of insurance & investment risk appetite across the economic and social segments.

Resident Filipinos, expats and OFWs have benefited tremendously with our insurance and investment services.

Whatever are your insurance and investment requirements….we have an appropriate solution for you.


PhilInvest Investment & Insurance Services is one of the largest independent insurance & investment service providers in the Philippines. Focused around providing quality insurance services, we have a proven track record of providing high-quality service in the insurance & investment industry. With a range of products and services that are formed around the needs of our clientele, we are renowned across the country for our impeccable service standards and un biased recommendations.

We work with the philosophy to provide support to people across all walks of life. With a range of back-up solutions ranging from Health to Wealth insurance, we are a market leader in innovation and customer support. Due to ourextensive network with a variety of insurance companies, we have multiple options for you to select from and we have managed to win positive customer feedback in the fields of service provision and client support by providing customized insurance products exactly meeting the needs of our clients.

We firmly believe in the importance of having financial backing for tough times and our services ensure our customers have access to tailored plans that pave the way for higher financial security. We are focused on building meaningful relationships with our clients and our principal insurance companies over the years and taking services to the next level

Hiring PhilInvest Investment & Insurance Services made a major impact on my financial status. I was able to increase my net growth rate from 5.43% to 7.25%, apart from this financial increase, I was also carefree for my health due to the cost-efficient health insurance service offered by PhilInvest Investment & Insurance Services. I highly recommend them for prompt growth

Jason Roy, Show Room Manager

My previous insurance provider refused to cover for a pre-existing condition and the coverages offered had minimal consideration for my personal circumstances. It was completely different from PhilInvest Investment & Insurance Services. The service was rapid and their support was always present 24/7 to respond to queries. They assisted me along the way and ensured that I was on my way to my financial and physical health being in better shape

Sarah Romanov, Gym Trainer London

Products & Services

Life Insurance

Make sure your loved ones are taken care of in the case of your death. Our Life insurance provides the best packages to ensure that your death is covered by a monumental financial sum for the financial security of your heirs.

General Insurance / Non-life insurance





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